Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Need of an Update

A wrap up of what has been going on since my last post...

Erik and I went to Minnesota for Christmas break. We were there for 9 days. Last year we were only there for 5 and it was very nice to have more time, although it goes by so fast. We spent time with his family and mine while in MN. Mom, Katie and I made our Christmas cookies - a tradition I love! That night there was a lot more snow then when I arrived and I had an adventure getting back to Erik's parents.

Christmas eve and Christmas day were full of family and fun. We had a wonderful time. It is a balancing act sometimes, figuring out that we doubled our families when we got married and now there are more people to see and more places to be, but we did fine job at balancing and things will change and that will be okay too.

The day after Christmas is Dad's Birthday. Erik and I made lasagna for dinner and we had cake (two oven cake) :). Dad wanted to go tubing at Buck Hill for his birthday, but after driving by earlier in the day we all opted to go out into the pasture and go sledding down the hill. After flattening a section out a little bit we all zipped down the hill. I think we all had a great time!

The next day, Dad, Katie and I headed to WI to go visit our grandparents. We had a nice time there. They had a lot of snow too!

We came back to Nebraska the Sunday before the New Year. I woke up that morning very ill. We visited with both of our families for just a little bit and then got on the road. Unfortunately Erik had to make the drive on his own. I slept most of the way back.

We had a little New Year's eve party at our place. It was nice, but fairly quiet (which was nice too).

Since then it has been back to the grind. I've made myself deadlines so that I can graduate and finish up soon.
Here they are:

Wednesday, January 16th: Introduction

Friday, February 1st: Results

Friday, February 29th: Discussion & Turn in complete 1st draft :)