Friday, April 22, 2011

Coffee - a.k.a. no sugar vanilla soy latte - has seen me through some days of burning the candle at both ends lately. The ladybug that came with this delight in a cup just made the day even that much better!

I think this Wednesday was the blast winter had, or at least I'm hoping that is the case. I know that last winter ended a bit early at this latitude, but what a different spring we are having. Last year Erik and I were moving about this time and the apple trees were blooming and the tulips were up and open. I have daffodils and the tulip foliage is there but no buds yet.

Last year I missed the blood root blooming, but this year we've had a beautiful show of the white flowers. Willow likes them too.
Today was a rainy day around these parts, but I'm hoping for a better weather day tomorrow. If we get the some sun tomorrow I suspect that things will really green up after a drizzly day like today. Yesterday was cool but dry and Erik and I did some yard work and had our first fire in the backyard. Erik put in some really nice steps for us between the house and the garage to the backyard. It had been more like a mud slick beforehand.