Sunday, December 27, 2009

Katie's Quilt - Finally Finished!

I've been working on Katie's quilt for 2 years and 2 months and I finally finished it to give her for Christmas this year. I really like it and I think she does too. I think I might have to make myself a quilt next.

I hope everyone who reads this blog had a very nice Christmas! Erik and I were fortunate to be able to spend Christmas with family and we had a wonderful time with them. We survived driving in the winter snow storm that blew through over the past 4 days. We most definitely had a white Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Appreciate the simple everyday things in life

This weekend Erik and I watched the movie Up and then tonight I finished the book firefly lane by Kristin Hannah both stories had the message to enjoy and appreciate the simple everyday things in life. Too often I can get wrapped up on what is going on next week or wishing to change something about myself and don't slow down and enjoy today, these were both reminders to be thankful for all that I have.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Our beloved BoBear got sick last week and we had to say goodbye. It was hard on everyone in our family as Bo has been a wonderful member of our family. Here are some pictures of him over that past few years.

He always looked a little goofy after getting his hair cut, like he all of a sudden lost a bunch of weight, but definitely the haircut was needed for the summer months.

Katie made him sit for this picture. He was always so willing and make each of us happy. He loved being outside too. He often ventured into the pastures and to the neighbors and, more than we liked, into the park across the street.

Bo looking out the porch window at the going-ons of the outside world, as he loved to check things out for us. He was always the first in the barn to protect us from what ever was inside be it a stray cat or raccoon.

A winter version of our pup. Bo's full name is Bodega, but he was called many nicknames including Bo, BoBear, Bo-somes, Bo-bos and others. Mostly Bo and BoBear. He got the name BoBear because he sometimes resembled a bear with his furry black coat.

Bo was a dog that was always there for you. He seemed to know when you needed a friend. He was always so excited when any of us walked in the door by wiggling his whole body and jumping up. It was always so wonderful to be greeted with such enthusiasm. I will miss that greatly!

Bo helped us in the garden and in the kitchen. He loved his fruits and veggies. He often ate the cores of apples and bits of carrot from Mom when she was in the kitchen. One time he stole a carrot right out of my Grandma's bag and started munching away on it. He loved broccoli too - the only thing I had to watch after picking it from the garden.

He was always such a happy dog! He will be missed greatly as he added so much to our lives!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

So... I discontinued doing the photo of the day (aka I quit). I will still of course post pictures, and maybe more frequently than that of the 1 month sabbatical from my blog that I was on.

Anyhoo... I feel as though I've been busy, but happily busy. I've been working out a bunch - going to BodyPump at the Y and a group cycle class. I like them both a lot. I feel like I'm getting a great workout and it is motivating seeing other people working hard. I think I've always felt that way in any type of work environment, whether it is in my career, school, or other such as working out... seeing others working hard is very motivating for me - maybe it is contagious, but, then again maybe only for some people, because we all know some people who can't work hard for anything.

Erik and I are looking at houses. We aren't quite ready to buy, but we are looking and figuring out what we like and dislike.

We are ready for Christmas... except presents. Our little borrowed Christmas tree is up and decorated along with the other decorations. We've been on the search for stockings that we like... we haven't really found any, but it fun looking, might be more fun than actually getting some.

Last night we got together with Erik's family to make lefse.

Rolling out the potato balls (thinner the better)

Lefse onto the grill

Supervising the lefse cooking

Most of the action, minus one grill

Don't flip too much or it will dry out

Picture break

How long have we been at this? 4 hours?

15 pounds of potatoes = 11 inches of lefse

Quite a process and a mess at the end, but well worth all the effort and a great tradition!