Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year! Erik and I stayed home New Years Eve, played some Wii and had some sparkling wine. It was a nice relaxing night. We were keeping it low key because then on the 1st we ran in the Polar Dash 5K. Thankfully it was a bit warmer than the day before. It was about 20 when we ran at 11 am.

Erik's parents came to see us take off and got a picture of Erik coming into the gates. It was very cold and windy if you were not moving. We started off the race under the Guthrie overhang along the Mississippi River and headed down hill with the wind, turned around half way and the last half a mile was up a long hill against the wind.

I was pretty slow, but I'm glad I did it and felt great afterwards. My goal is to be around 10 minute mile this summer. I can do it! :)

I was definitely overdressed... I took off my hat, mittens, neckwarmer and had my fleece open by the time I crossed the finish, but I was happily warm for the 20 minutes we waited outside before the race. Katie and I also had toe warmers in and I'm glad I had those. I put them on the top of my toes and they definitely helped.

Erik is speedy. He came in around 24 minutes.