Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Together

Erik and I had a nice weekend together and it was so very nice! We crashed a get together on Friday. On Saturday we went to Stillwater and ate lunch at Whitey's. It was very good! We enjoyed the sunny day in downtown Stillwater walking along and stopping at some shops. Saturday night I went to a baby shower and Erik went to a friend's birthday. Sunday we worked out and then went to REI and had a nice time dreaming there. Then we went to both of our parents' houses, without giving them much notice. :) That seemed to be common this weekend. We weren't much for planning. We had a nice dinner at my parents and enjoyed hanging out. It was a good weekend - one I certainly didn't want to end.

The St. Croix River was flooding a bit, but nothing like the other side of the state.


We recently had a couple of nice days and I got outside to split this crazy plant. It resulted in 8 pots of plants, from an original 2. This plant grows like crazy. I split it every 6 months. It is kind of nice to have such an easy plant to grow.

The beautiful result...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some good days

Happy 4 day weekend! I needed this time! Thursday Erik and I toured two YMCAs that were not created equal. I was shocked how poorly kept up to date the first one we went to was. But the second one was wonderful and appears motivating, unlike the hole in the wall. So I joined the Y in the morning and went and worked out later in the day. They have personal tvs above the treadmills. It was pretty nice to be watching Design on a Dime while running.

I hung out with my parents on Thursday night before they left for vacation. That was nice to see them and have a nice dinner with them.

Yesterday, I brought Erik as a guest and he ran on the track while I went to a class. A nice way to start the morning. Then we went down to Miesville to go eat burgers at Kings and then we headed further south to Wabasha. Around Reeds Landing we saw about 9 Eagles right where the ice was off the river. Upstream where there was still ice, there was also a truck on the ice. I was surprised to see it still on the river. We went to the Eagle Center in Wabasha and walked around. It was warm in the sun, but as soon as you stepped in the shade the temp dropped considerably. We enjoyed the afternoon drive.

Then we went to Gerten's and I didn't want to leave - ever. It smelled so good in there and warm too. We hung out and looked at seeds. We are debating what to try to start early and what to buy plants of. We don't have the best light where we live so I think it would be difficult to start plants early here. We are excited to have a garden this summer.

Last night we watched Australia. That was very good. I enjoyed it and I think Erik did too. About 2 hours into it, it seemed like it was the end, but we knew there was another hour left. We also enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's chocolate yogurt with brownie - yum!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sewing & Catching Up

My sewing machine was gone, came back and now is back in the repair shop, but I did manage do get a project done this past weekend.