Saturday, September 29, 2007

First Anniversary

Friday was such a nice day! I worked from home. I got a lot done in the morning, then when Erik came home we went to Pioneers Park and hiked around. There were these purple flowers everywhere and they were full of moths, bees and other insects.

When you are walking through the prairie you have to be aware that you scare up the grasshoppers when you are walking and they hop all over the place including on you. I had some hang on to my chacos and Erik counted over 10 in the first half of our hike that had landed on him. One landed on my pinkie and stuck - he didn't want to leave.

Erik and I came home and got cleaned up and we went out to dinner for our anniversary (even though it is on Sunday). We went to a local restaurant called Fireworks. It was an excellent dinner. We had flat bread with a red pepper dip for an appetizer. Erik had a Thai peanut pizza that was wonderful and I had rotisserie chicken with steamed vegetables and a baked potato. Our service at the restaurant was excellent. I don't think we have had such great service ever. We had about 7 different people help us. It was a great dinner and we'd go back to Fireworks again.

Then we came home and watched Music and Lyrics. It was a cute movie. It was a very nice night.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy busy bee

Oh my it has been a busy month. I can't believe it is already the end of the month - I'm freaking out a little about how much I have to do, but I can't work on things 24 hours a day - I need a break. I'll get through it anyways.

I found my sixth job to apply for today. I was surprised and excited. Maybe two weeks ago, I finished this little baby quilt for Abbey Wren. She was due the 24th, but has not arrived. Erik thinks she will come on our anniversary. I'm excited for Courtney and John!

Erik and I were back in MN this weekend for another wedding for Danny and Odessa. It was a lovely wedding. I didn't get any good pictures because it was dark in the church.
On Friday we went out to dinner with Erik's parents and Saturday I went out to the ball park to meet my Dad for a few hours. It was a beautiful day. It was too short though. I didn't really want to leave.

We returned to Lincoln on Sunday with a half a brown grocery bag full of Haroldson apples so... I've been baking! :) I've made a rustic apple tart and apple cinnamon muffins. Erik said he knew someone at work that would take the apples I don't want but truthfully it has been a lot of fun baking with them.

Here's my rustic apple tart:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Weekend

Saturday Erik and I rented a car and drove to Minnesota. We went to Kate & Alex's wedding in Owatonna. It was a very nice wedding and reception - they did a wonderful job and it was fun too. After the reception we drove up to my parents and spent the night there. Katie came home for the weekend and that was really nice to see her.
Kate & Alex

It has been a go go kind of few weeks. I'm ready for a little while in one place. Last night's sunset was beautiful.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Horse Fun

Mamasita (my favorite)

Missy (isn't she a beauty?!)

Tonight, we had Windsong lessons out at the barn. I love being out there. I have such a wonderful time and all my worries and stresses of the day disappear when I'm out there. I taught two lessons tonight and then rode Mamasita out in the field. It was a beautiful night! I'm thankful for the great temperatures lately!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Update :)

So I think someone was pushing for an update... I had been thinking about it too, but life was a little bit in the way and then when it wasn't I didn't really want to sit on my computer.

What have I been up to? I went to MN for Labor Day weekend. It was splendid and completely too short. Thursday we left in the afternoon, arrived at Erik's parents' house. Friday morning we left their house and continued northward to their cabin. We had a wonderful time at the cabin. After sitting in the car so long, Erik and I both went for a run and then jumped in the lake. It was cool but nice and refreshing. And the best part - I could see my feet!!! All the way down to my feet when I was vertical in the water! That was so nice when you compare it to NE lakes.

On Saturday, Erik went fishing with his brother and dad. I sat on the dock and put my feet in the water - wow was that a nice treat. I sat in the sky chair and did some reading. I'm reading this book: A Thousand Splendid Suns. It is very good. I don't want to put it down.
I also finished up these three whales for Erik's cousin's little girls. Aren't they cute!

Sunday, we left the cabin and drove to my parents house. We went to the Renaissance Festival. It was a really fun time! I was so happy to be hanging out with my parents! We had good food and a good time! We had a nice dinner at home and spent the evening talking until we were just about falling asleep in the living room. Unfortunately we had to leave in the morning. That was the crummy part. I really didn't want to leave. We will be back in a week, but it doesn't really matter it was just so nice and I didn't want to leave that comfort.

With the stress of traveling and no desire to go back to work, Erik and I were both a little under the weather. It was a strange and stressful week for both Erik and I. We are both glad last week is behind us. That is all I'm going to say about last week.

This past weekend, Erik and I got Chinese take out on Friday night. We got darts for our 'new' dart board from Mom and Dad's basement. Saturday we ran a couple errands and we rented the Rug Doctor. It was nice to get our carpets cleaned. They needed it so badly. We have terribly old carpet in our apartment and the carpet shows everything. Then Erik went and shot clays. I went on a few more errands. Then we had our neighbor, Abby, over for peanut butter chicken. It was a fun time. We played Mexican Train too. And of course we played with Jessie (Abby's oh so adorable dog) too.

Sunday we went to the farmers market, but mostly we stayed around the apartment. I worked on a present for a friend and got some extra sleep. Erik did some much needed laundry - that was very nice of him!

Today, I was incredibly productive at school. That was nice. I was surprised when it was already time to leave. I also found four jobs in Minnesota that I'm going to apply for. They are exciting possibilities!

So that is the story here.